We are the outstretched hand ready to welcome you. Light of Hope is a place where you can receive help, confidentially & without judgment. If you feel alone, desperate, and ready for help; we are the place where you can come and be encouraged. We offer resource assistance; as well as support group encouragement. There is a light of hope in the midst of the struggle.

Light of Hope is a 501c3 non-profit ministry outreach, focused on assisting individuals & families faced with the struggles of addiction or life difficulties.

News on 6 – Light of Hope – The Story Behind Our Purpose

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For Individuals:

When individuals are serious and ready to accept help, we will be available to assist in finding those resources. We will prayerfully search and direct, and help give the confidence to make the decisions that can and will help you get through these difficult times. We can assist you, to find the places you need to get the help you deserve, by being with you through the process. We are your encourager and your spiritual support.

For families and friends:

As a parent, there is nothing you want more in life than to help your children grow and move forward into an independent life of their own. We nurture and guide our children, praying they will make decisions and go in directions to benefit their future lives. Sometimes we face a reality that we don’t know how to handle. Sometimes our children begin to follow a path that is leading to destruction. Suddenly there is a loss of control and a panic that seems to never go away. Parents attempt to take every measure possible to reroute this destructive path. Parents try to save their children. It’s what we do.

You cannot do it alone. We are a place for families and friends, to encourage and help each other walk through the pain and emotional roller coaster.

Support, prayer, and knowledge are powerful. Our desire is to provide the love of Jesus to our community, through support groups, testimony, knowledge, and most importantly; prayer. We find strength and hope in God. Together, we can see the light, and hold on to the promises of a better future.

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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. My daughter just did 90 days in rose rock she got out yesterday we had to pay 210 dollars within 3 hours for her to go to sober living her 5 year old daughter loves her mom like crazy but they don’t have room for she so wants to be with her mom is their anyway you can help Brittany w some of her rent and help get miss Michael with her mom she’s doing great by the way so proud. Thank you Kim Welch (mom) and gamma🤗❤️


    1. Good morning Kimberly. I am so thankful that your daughter was able to be blessed with treatment from Rose Rock. It is a great facility. I know the transition from treatment to sober living is not easy. It is also hard when children are involved. Often times we desire the instant restoration of the family but are not able to receive that. Emotionally, that can be tough; but in reality, there is still more healing and adjustments that are necessary, to assure recovery is not jeopardized. Keep praying for God to align things exactly as they are best for the health of everyone involved. I will be lifting you and your family up in prayer. We are always here to be a support and encouragement on this journey. We are an accredited recovery group, so we welcome you and your daughter to attend our groups. We meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30-8:00pm. We are not able to assist with financial requests. We operate on a volunteer basis only and do not have funding coming in for financial assistance. I pray that things will continue toward recovery, and we may see you at a group sometime. God is with you!


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